THE WINNER! Win £1000! To spend with The London Mint Office!

Congratulations to:

“Denise, from Yorkshire was our Summer Giveaway winner and was over the moon to walk away with £1000 to spend on coins of her choice”

"I am a Norfolk Dumpling, born in a small village in Norfolk.  I currently live in Scarborough, where I have lived for 18 months since moving down from Scotland with my Scottish husband and son, where we lived for 15 years.  Scarborough is warmer!

My coin fascination began when my dad gave me a set of Britain’s first complete set of decimal coins in 1971, which had 6 coins.  I haven’t seen the set in years, and this win has ignited an interest in seeing them again – I will be instructing my husband to delve into the abyss (the loft) to find them.  Otherwise, my coin collection consists of a money tin full of old coins, which I am trawling through, and my used £2 coin collection.  The pre-decimal coins have been collected over the years, but the £2 coins are a recent fascination.  I am not a collector whereby I visit banks etc to find what I am looking for.  I prefer to receive an interesting coin in my change, then I am compelled to find out about the coin, as they tell a story.  I love a set of commemorative coins too.

My 12-year-old son is very interested in metal detecting, and he has been lucky enough to find a few interesting coins too.  We are still waiting for him to find Roman coins of course.

Other interests include my love of Gin, and a good rummage at a charity shop or car-boots (still searching for coins amongst other things).  I love the great outdoors as it offers freedom and fresh air, as does gardening, and a wee bit of running.  Oh, and I love Gin.  Have I mentioned that already?" 

Denise Slater - Competition Winner July 2017


See the video of the reveal below:

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