Valérie Plante: Midway in my second mandate, efforts are bearing fruit

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Ten years ago, after many years of hands-on experience with local community organizations, I decided to take the plunge into politics. The electors of the borough of Ste-Marie were the first to place their trust in me. A decade later and halfway through a second mandate as mayor, I am working with a team that’s stronger than ever.

Montreal has changed by leaps and bounds since our team was first elected to office. In the past six years, we’ve had to deal with a global pandemic, a rise in gun violence, natural disasters that are becoming more common, a housing crisis and a crisis of vulnerability with an increasing homeless population.

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There are no miracle solutions. However, the resilience of Montrealers is unbreakable, and that’s what drives our team’s determination to think outside the box and tackle the issues head-on. Yes, it sometimes takes painstaking work; it requires tough discussions and the involvement of many partners to see results. We are, more than ever, committed and we are not giving up.

Many of these efforts are already bearing fruit. Gun violence is down. We have increased the number of green spaces. Many streets around schools have been made more secure. Roads are being better shared and safer. The Blue Line extension will go ahead. Affordable housing is being built. Our streets and parks are being adapted to the ever-changing climate.

While we are proud of what we have accomplished up until now, we will never rest on our laurels. We must aim even higher. There are many challenges ahead of us, so we will continue to work with even greater determination and ambition, no matter how strong the headwinds.

I’m convinced that our team is the best to meet these challenges. We have the experience, the courage and the vision to find lasting solutions to today’s issues, with the sole objective of always improving the quality of life of Montrealers.

I humbly believe that you have placed your trust in me a second time because you know me, and you know that I’m concerned about the same things you are. We need to restore the affordability of our metropolis, maintain its security and ensure its climate resilience. As you know, I won’t be afraid to take the hard road to make sure of that — in order to keep us on course.

Valérie Plante is the mayor of Montreal.

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