Montreal has the best sushi in the world, according to Benny Blanco

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It’s been a banner year for Montreal’s dining scene: A large local contingent, led by Mon Lapin, dominated the Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list and the same thing happened on Maclean’s Top 20 list. Before the year ends, however, we still have time for one more accolade. That’s right, Benny Blanco says Park in Westmount makes “the best sushi in the world.”

The American music producer (and author of a forthcoming cookbook!?) made the proclamation in a video shared by Antonio Park on Instagram.

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“No, don’t say that,” Park responds … before eventually posting the video.

“It’s incredible! It’s incredible,” Blanco adds.

He’s not alone in the assessment. “Rarely have I seen sushi this elegant, or tasted sushi this fresh,” Lesley Chesterman wrote when she reviewed Park for the Gazette. 

The restaurant is also something of a destination for celebrities and/or F1 drivers.

OK, back to the Instagram post.

Also present: Food personality Laurent Dagenais, with whom Blanco has made a handful of cooking videos. (In one of them, he briefly wears a ball gag while helping Dagenais make a cheesesteak sandwich, but we needn’t unpack that further.)

This is probably not Blanco’s biggest food news of the month, seeing as he’s dating the titular Selena from HBO Max’s Selena + Chef.

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