Fall time change: Here are 4 things parents can do with an extra hour

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I’ll get to it. Whatever “it” is, I’ll get to it, eventually. If only there were more hours in the day.

At least we have Daylight Saving Time, which lies to us twice a year to make us think the day has stretched or shortened. In November, when we’re already beginning to miss the sun, we’re fooled into thinking we have an extra hour as we turn the clocks back.

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If only it were true. Imagine what could be accomplished in that hour: Answering emails that have needed attention for weeks; organizing the closets; batch cooking; a deep clean of the bathroom; actually going for a jog instead of pretending you’ll do it tomorrow. All noble ideas.

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Or you could go the other route and spend 60 minutes in heaven. This list isn’t meant to compete with the early-teen-years game 7 Minutes in Heaven, though that is a heroic use of your time if you have someone to play with.

Send the kids to bed early. It’s already dark out, they won’t know the difference. Don’t let them look at their phones, which have updated the time. Tell them you’re cracking down on devices at bedtime (you should anyway).

Listen to music you like. You have to get Baby Shark out of your head. The latest TikTok star has been playing on repeat on the tinny speaker of your child’s device for days. Your partner keeps walking around singing Taylor Swift songs and getting all the words wrong. This is your hour to DJ the way it should be done.

Start a new project. Whether it’s building a birdhouse or knitting a sweater or painting the cat’s portrait, know that you probably won’t finish it. No one has time for all that. At least you have one sweet hour to believe that maybe this time you will.

Fix the wrongs of the internet. It’s usually a waste of time to step into the cesspool of the comments section, yet it can be hard to restrain yourself. If you had an extra hour, you could don a hazmat suit and say your piece. Be forewarned: this is an hour you’ll never get back, daylight saving or not.

Daylight Saving Time ends Nov. 5, 2023.

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