Another Stanley cup is not coming to Montreal

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Depending on the cursedness of your Instagram or TikTok feeds, you may have seen the pink Starbucks Stanley cup  — a viral sensation that is also just a pink tumbler for your coffee.

In the U.S., interested buyers have lined up for hours to buy the cup, prompting scenes that have variously been described as “mayhem” and “the ultimate frenzy.”

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If you’re not put off by any of this and looking to buy one of the cups in Montreal, however, you’re out of luck.

“The limited-edition, pink Starbucks x Stanley Quencher is exclusively available in Starbucks stores at Target locations in the U.S.,” a Starbucks Canada spokesperson told the Gazette. (Target, which bought up a bunch of Zellers stores in the aughts, no longer has a presence in Canada.)

Worryingly, this means your best chance of lifting a prized Stanley cup this year involves playing for Habs.

Actually, your odds may be slightly better than the Canadiens insofar as there is a more active secondary market for curiously popular Starbucks merch than Lord Stanley’s trophy.

Doing so will come at a premium, with the $49.95US cup marked up to $315 on Poshmark and $467 on eBay.

For whatever it’s worth, La Tasse, the reusable cup championed by Quebec’s independent café owners is still available for a deposit of $5.

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